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Yuh-Ming Ferng

Yuh-Ming Ferng Professor

Address:ESS Building Room 317
Telephone No.:03-5715131 ext.34289
Laboratory:CFD Modeling and Simulation for Nuclear Reactor Safety


Engineering Mechanics, Nuclear Power Reactor Safety, Advanced Energy Systems


Safety Operation and Maintenance Analysis、Fire Hazard Analysis、CFD Analysis and Modeling、Two-Phase Flow and Boiling Heat Transfer

Academic Degrees
  1. Taiwan National Tsing Hua University Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering

Journal Articles
  1. Lin CH, Ferng YM, Hsu WS,(2009)”Investigating the effect of computational grid sizes on the predicted characteristics of thermal radiation for a fire”, Applied Thermal Engineering, 29, pp.2243-2250

  2. Ferng YM, Lin CH,(2009)"Experimental and analytical investigation of intermittent flame effect on radiant emission for pool fires", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 239, pp.1965-1970

  3. Su A, Ferng YM, Shih JC,(2009)”Experimentally and numerically investigating cell performance and localized characteristics for a high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell”, Applied Thermal Engineering, 29, pp.3409-3417

  4. Ferng YM,(2009)”CFD investigating the influence of power uprate on impingement wear sites for the feedwater heater in the nuclear power plant”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 239, pp231-238