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Full-Time Professor


Professor and NES Director

🏠:LTM Building Room 607
☎:03-5715131 ext.34169

Specialty:Two-Phase Flow Modeling, LWR Safety Analysis

Discipline:Nuclear Power Systems, Nuclear Reactor Engineering, Engineering Mechanics


Distinguished Professor

🏠:ESS Building Room 512
☎:03-5715131 ext.42668

Specialty:Ion Implantation, Accelerator Analysis

Discipline:Principles of Nuclear Engineering, Principles of Ion Implantation



🏠:ESS Building Room 510
☎:03-5715131 ext.42377

Specialty:Radiation Transport Calculations and Applications, Health Physics, Reactor Physics, Medical Physics

Discipline:Monte Carlo Method, Programming Languages, Radiation Shielding, Radiation Safety, Radiation Measurement, Introduction to Nuclear Engineering



🏠:LTM Building Room 506
☎:03-5715131 ext.34236

Specialty:Medical Physics, CT, Radiation Measurements, Quality assurance in medical exposure

Discipline:Radiological Physics, Diagnostic Radiology Instrumentation, Radiatio Detection and Measurement, Medical Physics, Physics Measurements in  Diagnostic Imaging Lab, Health Physics


 Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 609
☎:03-5715131 ext.35555

Specialty:Ultrafast optics, nonlinear optics, plasma physics and simulations,  laser-based particle acceleration, radiation generation/detection

Discipline:Interaction of Radiation with Matter, Engineering Mathematics I, Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, Applied Photonics


Associate Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 509
☎:03-5715131 ext.42371

Specialty:Radiation  Biology

Discipline:Molecular radiobiology, Tumor microenvironment, Overcome radio-resistance by small RNA


Assistant Professor

🏠:LTM Building Room 615
☎:03-5715131 ext.35566

Specialty:Mechanical Behavior of Zircaloy and high temperature materials、Corrosion of metallic materials、Microstructure-property correlation of materials、Surface and coating technology for the application of mechanical improvement and corrosion resistant、Cellular automaton (CA) simulation on metallic materials

Discipline:Nuclear Engineering and Material Engineering