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Fan-Yi Ouyang


Fan-Yi Ouyang

Address:ESS Building Room 509
Telephone No.:03-5715131 ext.34321
Laboratory:Electronic Thin Film and Packaging Lab


Introduction to Materials ScienceElectronic Thin FilmMechanical Properties of Materials


● Microelectronic materials and processing
● Thin film deposition and characterization
● Mass transport (diffusion) and interfacial reaction
● Electromigration, Thermomigration, and Stress migration
● Pb-free solders and Cu interconnect 

Our research interest is in Si-based and diffusion driven materials science for modern microelectronic, opto-electronic, bio-sensor, and MEMS devices. The research in our lab currently focuses on the following topics but are not limited to:

● Diffusion mechanism and microstructural evolution under current stressing (Electromigration), a
temperature gradient(Thermomigration), and a stress gradient (Stress-migration) on the Pb-free solders utilized in the flip chip and three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D IC) technologies
● Fabrication of Cu nano-thin film and diffusion mechanism of Cu under current Stressing
● Chemical reaction and kinetics mechanism between under-bump metallization and Sn
Academic Degrees
  1. PhD, University of California, Los Angeles