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Chung-Shan Yu

Chung-Shan Yu Professor

Address:BMES Building Room 617
Telephone No.:03-5715131 ext.35582
Laboratory:Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory


Organic Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Bioconjugated Chemistry


Medicinal Chemistry, Imaging Pharmaceuticals, Glycoscience

Academic Degrees
  1. Germany Universitaet Heidelberg  Ph.D.

Journal Articles
  1. Chiang LW, Pei K, Chen SW, Huang HL, Lin KJ, Yen TC, Yu CS,(2009)”Combining a solution-phase derived library with in-situ cellular bioassay: prompt screening of amide-forming minilibraries using MTT assay”, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 57, pp.714-718

  2. Ciang LW, Pan SD, Lo JM, Yu CS,(2009)” Triflic acid-promoted formylation of ceramide in dimethylformamide”, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 27, pp.2296-2299