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Chih-Hao Lee

Chih-Hao Lee Professor

Address:ESS Building Room 412
Telephone No.:03-5715131 ext.34281
Personal Website:http://www.ess.nthu.edu.tw/files/14-1163-14616,r1665-1.php
Laboratory:Scattering and Nano-Technology Laboratory、Nano Thin Film Laboratory


Instrumentation and Measurements, Nuclear Radiation Detection & Measurement Laboratory, Practical Training on Synchrotron Radiation Applications, Analysis techniques of nano-scale thin films


1.Study the static and dynamics of the physical properties, including magnetism, photonic, electronic, thermal and mechanic properties to correlation with the electronic and atomic structures of thin film and nano-particle materials which mainly for high density magnetic storage media, photonic thin film, solar cells, Li-battery, fuel cell, magneto-caloric effect materials and thermoelectric materials. We also prepare the thin films by vacuum evaporation and sputtering method and characterization of those thin films using synchrotron X-ray and neutron beam.
2.Setup the technology and applications of synchrotron X-ray, neutron, electron and ion beams for thin film measurements including the optics and detectors.

Academic Degrees
  1. Taiwan National Tsing Hua University Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering

Journal Articles
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